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There's Help Through The Struggle!

Probate is the legal process following the death of someone with or without a Will. An Executor of the estate is named to handle the decedent’s affairs and administer the estate throughout the probate process. Probate often refers to the administering of a deceased person’s will, or managing of the assets in the circumstance where no will exists. More often than not, said administering will include a home.

Don’t pay months or even years of mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance. In the state of Indiana, under most circumstances... as soon as an Executor is named the property can be liquidated.

Let Us Reduce The Stress of Managing The Probate Process

Your Probate Attorney manages the legal process, leaving the management and decisions of the estate on you! No two situations are the same. Allow us to manage all to tailor a plan for you and your family. 

We have seen first-hand the stress involved with these types of transactions. We’ll work to alleviate this stress as much as possible, by being reliable, competent, and accessible. We always go the extra mile. We believe this is what distinguishes me from other agents, firms & investors.

Services We Offer & Arrange: 

  • Real Estate Services - Appraisals, Selling, Leasing, Liquidation, etc.

  • Financial Planning

  • Estate Planning.

  • Moving Services.

  • Insurance Needs & Assistance

  • Preparation To Sell The Property Such as Painting, Power Washing, Construction Projects.

  • Estate Sales, Property & Asset Auctions, Removal & Donation of Home Furnishings

  • Coordination Of All Details Of Transaction, From Start To Finish.

Not every Realtor/Investor understands the Indiana Probate process... We have the resources! Trust An Expert!

Contact Us At:    317-504-2663 /

Should you require the services of a quality Probate Attorney, or Estate Planning, consider our attorney of choice...

Alex Bruggenschmidt - Buchanan & Bruggenschmidt, P.C.

80 E. Cedar St.
Zionsville, IN 46077

Phone: (317) 873-8396
Fax: (317) 873-2276

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