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Facing Foreclosure Or Owe Taxes - Don't Go It Alone!

Everyone at some point in their life struggles financial. Many times Foreclosure can be avoided... We Can Help! We offer options to save you property and bank account.

  • We Can Help With Any Property Where The Owner Is Facing Financial Hardship (Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Poor Home Condition, Tax Liens, Upside-Down Mortgage, etc.). 

  • Properties whose owners cannot afford to fix or maintain them. This is reflected in big-ticket items too expensive to replace… plumbing, electrical, bad roof, furnace, appliances, broken windows, etc.

Most often these "Distressed" homes cannot be sold in the traditional manner… Why – not all distressed properties can meet the requirements of a lender, given the property's condition. Additionally, some of these properties must financially settle debts in a limited time frame to prevent the owners from losing the home or property.

Traditional transactions demand Buyer’s Inspections and Lender’s appraisals, and for many loan products, the lender will need to assess whether the property can be lived in and has value.


Traditional lenders do not finance homes requiring major repairs. The lenders are concerned the repairs will not be completed or performed improperly… Becoming the lender's problem if the home is unmarketable in the traditional sense.

No two situations are alike. We will customize a solution for your specific needs.

Call 317-504-2663 today for a private phone or in-home consultation!

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